How far does our expertise extend?

Over 10 years, H A M has provided several business consulting services and auditing services. Thanks to a strong team and experience dealing with the most prominent companies, it was among Dubai’s most significant business consulting companies. H A M has successfully contributed to amending the visa status of hundreds of investors in Dubai, enabling them to continue their business safely.

Who are we?

H A M is one of the essential companies concerned with company formation services, including all other services that may contribute to completing these procedures or help new investors set their feet on the land of Dubai to live and invest. One of the companies’ services is visa status amendment from a tourist visa to a residence visa within the UAE.

What are the steps to modify the employment visa status?

  • Fill in the license registration form and choose the amendment required to obtain initial approval.
  • Collect approvals for selecting a specific business where a government department controls business activity, such as business-related to education, medical services, food industry, real estate, civil defense, and many more.
  • Submit customized papers according to the type of adjustment required.
  • Receipt of the updated permit after payment of fees.

Why is H A M the best in providing visa services in the UAE?

  • With its experience spanning several years, H A M is known for its ability to complete all legal and administrative procedures related to the issuance of visas.
  • As H A M is one of the companies specializing in business consultancy and company formation, obtaining visas is one of the most experienced steps.
  • H A M’s staff has enough experience to complete such procedures accurately and professionally.

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