How far does our expertise extend?

Over the past 10 years, H A M has provided several distinguished services, which vary between business consulting and everything related to it, accounting auditing, and all other accounting services included. H A M has also provided trademark registration services to nearly 50 diversified companies.

About us

H A M is one of the leading companies in Dubai in business consulting and auditing services, with 10 years of experience and hundreds of remarkable success stories. HAM adopts a distinctive approach based on professionalism, accuracy, and speed of execution, which qualified it to cooperate with the most significant entities and corporates within the UAE.

What is trademark registration in UAE?

According to the domestic and global market expansion and spread, a deterrent law had to be implemented to prevent companies from using a similar identity. The user could differentiate between each other. So, the first step when you consider opening a company in the UAE is to register your brand. We at HAM recognize the difficulties you can face during registration, so we offer trademark registration in Dubai.

A trademark is the identity of each company, and to preserve that identity. You need to register a brand that is protected by intellectual property law. 

What are the paperwork and steps needed to register the brand?

1. Electronic version of your black and white business photo.

2. Authorization from your side that gives us the right to act on behalf of you.

3. Copy of the applicant's certificate of incorporation.

4. Copy of the applicant's passport.

5. Trademark registration certificates, if registered in any other country.

To register your company’s trademark, you must submit all the above paperwork and wait until the reply is made 30 days after the date of application. This can disrupt your business, especially if you are non-Emirati and want to create your own company in the UAE. So, HAM Corporate Foundation Dubai offers you brand registration services without wasting a lot of time and effort.

What are the advantages of HAM's brand registration service?

Not only do we offer you the trademark registration and finishing the required procedures instead of you, but at HAM we have a dedicated team of professionals who guide customers to reach their ideal results by providing:

Less time.

Less effort.

Legal Advice and Support.

Why do you need a company to register a brand for you?

As one of the best companies offering trademark registration UAE. HAM ensures that you will be aware of the trademark registration process in Dubai by:

Make sure there is a commercial code.

Ensure intellectual property rights conform to the law.

Ensure that the brand logo exists.

Addressing advanced brand errors.

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