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A tax check is one of the exhausting procedures that can take a lot of time, where you need to remember payment schedules and other details that might concern you. The tax agent acts as your company’s legal representative in front of the government, which saving you time and effort.

Who are we?

H A M prides itself on being one of Dubai’s leading tax audit and tax consultancy firms. HAM also provides professional financial audit services and business consultancy. HAM has competed in the market to secure a position among the best companies providing these services in the United Arab Emirates during the past ten years.

Who's the tax agent in Dubai?

A tax agent may represent a taxable company or individual before government agencies such as the Free Trade Agreement. He’s a company’s representative to deal directly with the Federal Tax Authority. Its function is as follows:

✴ Filing your company's tax returns.

✴Provide your company with the required tax advice.

✴Follow up and make decisions about your company's taxes.

✴Solve, manage and deal entirely with tax problems that may arise.

✴File a tax report if you want to open a new company

Why is HAM the best in providing tax agent UAE?

✴HAM is a company registered as an approved tax agent in Dubai.

✴The HAM Task Force has extensive experience in dealing with tax auditing and consulting services and has people charged with representing the roles of corporate tax consultants.

✴HAM agents are always familiar with the latest rules and regulations on tax legislation and changes in the law.

✴HAM provides its tax audit services around the UAE.

HAM services for tax checks

Registration in VAT.

VAT recovery.

VAT returns.

Registration in VAT.

VAT check.

Examining the validity of VAT.

Review of VAT.

Voluntary disclosure of VAT.

Why does your company need a tax agent Dubai?

  • Follow up on the company’s tax files and submit its tax returns.
  • Provide the necessary tax advice and advice for your company.
  • Manage tax problems. 
  • Deal with the Tax Authority directly through the authorization of a person designated for this purpose, the tax agent.

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