Dubai Product Registration Service

The Dubai Product Registration Service is the service for facilitating the import, manufacture, and promotion of products in the Emirate of Dubai. It has been made compulsory by law, and every authority of every Emirate within the United Arab Emirates is obliged to control and regulate the circulation of products. This step is mandatory for the following reasons:

  • Transfer all necessary information to consumers through the identification card in the products.
  • · Ensure that manufacturers and importers adhere to consumer safety standards.
  • · Ensure that counterfeit or harmful products are not traded within the Principality.

Product registration steps in Dubai:

The owner of the project shall register the manufactured or imported product through Dubai Municipality and shall take such steps:

✴Establish its own company or enterprise first and terminate all legal proceedings relating to this step, including obtaining a commercial license. (No product can be manufactured unless it belongs to a company located within the borders of Dubai or in the free zone.

✴ The company must be registered in Dubai Municipality. The employer submits all the required papers and documents to Dubai Municipality.

✴Termination of proceedings and obtaining a valid commercial license.

✴Completion of registration in Dubai Municipality and initiation of commercial activity, whether manufacturing or trading product.

لماذا تحتاج إلى خُطوة تسجيل المنتج؟

✴ نقل جميع المعلومات الضرورية إلى المُستهلكين من خلال بطاقة التعريف الموجودة في المنتجات.

✴ التأكد من التزام المُصنعون والمستوردون من الالتزام بمعايير سلامة المُستهلك.

✴ ضمان عدم تداول المُنتجات المُزيفة أو الضارة داخل الإمارة.

Why is HAM the best at providing this service?

✴HAM's vast experience in corporate founding, trademark registration, and product registration ensure that you succeed with 100% steps.

✴The HAM Professional and Veteran Task Force knows how to make these long and complex steps straightforward through a structured working methodology.

✴HAM provides many services related to business consulting and accounting auditing and is therefore concerned with all legal and financial aspects of registering products within the Emirate of Dubai.

Whatever product you want to record, HAM helps you complete all the procedures, from processing all the required paperwork to registering in Dubai Municipality and starting the activity

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