Best PRO Services in UAE

HAM's PRO services

HAM provides all PRO services in the best possible quality and format through its professional working group, familiar with all the new procedures for founding companies, including PRO services. These services include

✴Modification of customer licenses.

✴Appoint a particular expert for each area, whether a free zone, an area within the mainland, or an outer region (Offshore).

✴Help clients get a driver's license.

✴Audit services.

✴The sale and purchase of real estate and the provision of relevant information to clients as needed.

✴Visa cancellation for employees or business partners.

✴Authentication and authentication of documents

✴Drafting memorandums of understanding.

✴digital signature and document verification

✴Creating companies.

✴Facilitating business operations without any pressure.

✴Rapid processing of visa and immigration applications.

✴Get a certificate from the Chamber of Commerce.

✴Handling visa applications for investors, including his family and employees.

✴To assist clients in opening branch offices in the United Arab Emirates.

✴Identifying suitable locations for founding a company in the United Arab Emirates

✴Procedures for obtaining health and life insurance for employers and their employees, together with office and car insurance.

✴UAE identity management and auto registration for client companies.

✴Provision of business support services.

✴Opening bank accounts for clients' companies and assisting clients in banking procedures.

✴Receipt and delivery of documents.

✴Processing general commercial and professional licenses in Dubai or anywhere in the United Arab Emirates.

✴Providing specialized services in the form of residential visas and submission and clearance of documents.

✴Reminding clients of the necessary renovations, particularly the annual renewal of the company's license.

✴Renewal and modification of business cards.

✴Customer representation in all government transactions.

✴Take over the import and export license.

✴Take responsibility for registration and renewal in the mailbox.

✴quick handling of the new commercial license application

Why is HAM the best in PRO services?

✴ The HAM Task Force has a wide variety of expertise, reaching over 10 years in PRO services associated with founding companies.

✴HAM's methodology ensures that the proceedings are completed smoothly and accurately, and the experience of the Task Force ensures that the procedures are entirely valid and legal.

✴HAM is entirely transparent when dealing with its clients. You won't be surprised by hidden charges, and fake money ads won't fool you. You only pay what you're told from the beginning.

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