A journey of thousand miles begins with 3 days!

Forming your own company in no more than 3 days is not a dream with HAM. Since HAM has built its methodology on a solid basis of fast execution and proper procedures. HAM can execute all the primary procedures within only 3 days, while the final processes take only 7 to 10 days at maximum. Besides, you don’t have to exist inside the UAE except during the step of issuing your residency in the UAE.

Its Worth mentioning that the investor has to hold some qualifications to be able to set up a company Dubai , Which are:

Not be less than 18 years Old.

Their existence inside the UAE is mandatory during the residency procedures.

if the company under formation has a professional activity , the owner has to make sure he has a service agent.

Some personal documents have to be ready for the setup procedures to be completed.

Otherwise, you don’t need to have: 

A local agent.

No capital is required. You only need to have an adequate amount to cover all the fees needed to complete the procedures

There is no need to exist inside the UAE while the procedures are going, except when you have to proceed with the residency procedures.

Types of company formation in Dubai

Mainland company formation

Mainland companies in Dubai are located in the main geographic area defined by the Department of Economic Development (DED) in the Emirate of Dubai. Companies located on the mainland are also known as inland companies, which are allowed to perform commercial activities inside the local area and outside the UAE restrictions-free.

The One Person Company

A company whose capital is owned by only one person, whether natural or legal.

Steps to business set up in Dubai

Choosing the type of activity and the name to request approval from the competent authorities.

Submission of initial legal approvals

Completion of the founding and notarial

Reserving a place designated for the company and completing the lease contract

Assist the client in completing all other procedures related to establishing companies if he wishes to do so.

Why do you need a company to assist in forming your virtual company?

As an investor who wants to set up a company in the UAE, predominantly Dubai. You will need to carry out some legal procedures to start your business. You might face some difficulties for the following reasons:

  •  Business setup steps and processes might be confusing and exhausting.
  •  It might be hard to know all the related documents and legal procedures.
  •  To accomplish the procedures, you need to exist inside the UAE. In contrast, business setup companies will tackle all the processes without you needing to exist inside the country, except for the last steps. 

Why is HAM the best company formation firm in Dubai ?

  • The HAM team has a wide variety of experiences, reaching more than 10 years in establishing companies.

  • HAM’s methodology ensures that basic procedures are completed in your company in just 3 days, which is an excellent time to own your own company.

  • HAM can complete all the steps of the company setup in Dubai while you are outside the UAE (except for the residency step only), so you don’t waste any more time.

  • HAM is entirely transparent when dealing with its clients. You will not be surprised by hidden fees and will not be deceived by ads for fake amounts. At HAM, you only pay what you are told from the start.

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