Business license modification services in the United Arab Emirates

In the United Arab Emirates, every commercial and for-profit company must register with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) in its principality. The conduct of commercial activities within the United Arab Emirates requires a valid permit from the legal body that controls the licensing program. Some companies need support from relevant government offices to obtain Dubai business licenses.

Obtaining a commercial license is the main requirement for all commercial activities in the United Arab Emirates. Work permits fall into 3 categories:

✴ Commercial

✴ Industrialist

✴ Professional.

What are the steps for license modification in Dubai?

✴ Fill out the license registration form and select the required modification to obtain the initial approval.

✴ Collect approvals for choosing a specific business activity where a government department controls the business, such as businesses related to education, medical services, food industry, real estate, civil defense, and many more.

✴ Submitting the assigned papers according to the type of amendment required.

Renewal of license in the United Arab Emirates

A business license is granted in the United Arab Emirates for one year. It can be renewed to continue commercial activities. Thus, a business person with an expired license cannot continue his business activities in the United Arab Emirates. Bear in mind that the United Arab Emirates license provides flexibility in adjusting upon renewal. The company could then repair several changes during the revival of the permit, such as:

✴Add or dispense with the partner.

✴Amend or add management details.

✴ Adjust the worksite.

✴Brand name change.

✴Changes in the authorized capital of the company.

✴Local sponsor replacement reported.

✴Withdrawal, addition, or change of commercial activities.

✴The process of modifying the work permit.

Why do you need a company to modify your business license?

Modifying business licenses requires taking many legal and administrative procedures and steps, which requires more time and effort and reviewing all legal actions. Therefore, it is better to leave the whole matter to a specialized person or company, as it ensures that it is informed of the laws and that the procedures are carried out correctly.

HAM Business License Modification Services

Modifying the business license may be cumbersome for the employer as it may require entering into a non-easy number of details and procedures. HAM, therefore, provides you with these lengthy procedures and does all the processes associated with the renewal and annual modification of commercial licenses. So you can leave the whole thing in the hands of the HAM team to take over all the renovation and all the related stuff.

Why is H A M the best in providing business license modification services?

  • With its experience spanning several years, H A M is known for its ability to complete all legal and administrative procedures related to the amendment of business licenses.
  • Form H A M is one of the companies specializing in business consulting and company formation. The step of amending business licenses is one of the experienced steps.
  • H A M’s staff has enough experience to complete such procedures accurately and professionally.

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