Steps of the forensic accounting and fraud investigation process

1- First comes the investigation stage, where the forensic accountant collects information, whether from the company’s employees or through documents and financial reports. This stage continues for a sufficient period until the accountant is sure that he has obtained all the information that helps him in the case.

2- The second stage is the reporting stage, where the forensic accountant collects all the conclusions reached in organized reports for later reference.

3- The last stage is participation in the lawsuit filed by the concerned persons. The criminal accountant contributes to this lawsuit as an expert witness and helps interpret any documents or financial terms that need to be understood by the court.

Why might your company need a forensic accountant?

At some point, your company may need the intervention of a forensic accountant for these reasons:

  •  Investigate fraud, fraud, and manipulation that may occur within the company.
  •  Assess the company’s compliance with legislation and laws.
  • Resolve any financial disputes within the company or between partnerships.
  • Ensures the process of external control over companies.

Why is HAM one of the best companies in providing forensic accounting and fraud investigation services?

✴ HAM has a long history in the fields of accounting, financial and administrative auditing, with over 10 years of experience in the field

✴ HAM's team consists of experts who are familiar with all the legal aspects necessary to prepare the required criminal reports.

✴Ensuring the privacy of all corporate papers made HAM the trusted company of the largest entities and institutions in Dubai.

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