What are the steps to prepare feasibility studies?

To prepare a detailed and comprehensive feasibility study, there are some steps “HAM” is taking to deliver the best results. Here are some:

Preliminary analysis.

Preparation of the expected profit statement.

Conduct a market survey or conduct market research.

Business and Operations Plan.

Budget preparation.

Review and analysis of all data.

Suggesting the best decision.

What are the types of feasibility studies?

Technical feasibility study

One of the most critical studies helps you figure out the final form of the offered products. This study is concerned with the administrative and technical aspects and raw materials and technical labor that contribute to the production of the product in its final form. On this basis, a technical study will be carried out showing you all the material and technical needs of the project.

Financial feasibility study

One of the most important studies you should care about is whether it controls the project’s success or not. It also cares about the details that relate to large financial profits. As well as attention to the economic costs required by the project.

This collection of studies being carried out within the company “HAM” is Dubai’s best business study company. It helps you reach your goals by clarifying the most accurate details of the proposed project. This requires a team with considerable expertise and competence in implementing the studies.

What are the advantages of HAM's feasibility studies preparation service?

You may find a lot of people claiming to be able to prepare a feasibility study for your project, but HAM always wishes you the best results for these reasons:

  • HAM’s comprehensive audit and accounting expertise ensure 100% success.


  • HAM has a team with over 10 years of experience
  • HAM’s team is an integrated team that provides many services associated with auditing, computer review and other financial aspects, and corporate establishment and business consulting services.
  • Ensure the privacy of all company paperwork, which made HAM the trusted company of Dubai’s largest entities and institutions.

Why do you need a company to offer you a feasibility study?

Since creating a project requires a lot of effort and costs, it is not easy for the employer to start a project that does not know how successful or executable it is. So, he often needs a company to do this instead of him for several reasons:

Takeing less time to prepare the study.

Providing more realistic results.

Offering proposals to modify any error may lead to the project's unsuccessfulness.

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