What are the steps to re-evaluating companies?

HAM is reassessing companies by auditing accounts, internal auditing, and external auditing, during which an evaluation of the company is carried out during the previous five years to anticipate the company’s status over the next five years through:

✴Method of valuation of the company's net book value.

✴Valuation method at adjusted book value.

✴Method of valuation of replacement value

✴Method of evaluation of discounted cash flow models (most used).

✴The valuation method of the profit multiplier.

✴Valuation method at the company's net market value

✴Valuation method at the company's residual value.

What are HAM’s steps that should be done to evaluate a company?

  • Prepare a list of all the company’s external and internal contents and ensure that all information associated with the company is added, whatever its nature.
  • Use one of the company’s evaluation methods to start setting the stages that will be relied upon in the company’s evaluation.
  • Know the company’s financial position, capital value, shareholders’ equity shares, or business.
  • Study the company’s legal status by using a law expert to ensure that legal texts apply to the nature of the company’s work.
  • Termination of all interrupted or unfinished financial transactions, especially if the company is valued for sale.
  • Provide external shareholders, customers, and customers with a summary report on the company’s situation, especially if they have financial rights over the company.
  • Writing, drafting the company’s evaluation report by the legal and financial rules for this type of report and then handing it over to the company’s official management or to the new owners.

What are the advantages of HAM's corporate reassessment service?

There are a lot of companies that provide corporate reassessment services, but HAM is different from them as we always strive to provide the best services to our customers because:

✴HAM's team of legal, administrative, and financial experts is diverse. This makes specialization the characteristic that overwhelms the company and is in the client's interest and assures them that the procedures will be fully sound and accurate.

✴HAM’s team has ten years of experience managing corporate financial and administrative

Why do you need a company to re-evaluate companies?

All companies need to be re-evaluated from time to time for several reasons, including:

Contribute to determining the net value of companies' property rights.

Determines the value of obligations, expenses, and debts resulting from companies' work.

It helps determine the value of the company's shares before they are put on the financial market for trading.

It is seen as a means of supporting the process of merging companies.

Real values are provided for partners' stakes in joint stock companies, especially if a partner wants to sell their stake in the company.

It helps in the process of liquidating companies with the aim of selling them or closing them completely.

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