What are the steps to provide a company liquidation service?

Steps to work for company liquidation include several careful legal and administrative procedures that must take place until all matters related to the company liquidation process are completed. These are divided into two phases:

Phase 1:

✴The customer submits all the required preliminary paperwork (license, Passport, agencies, etc.).

✴All legal papers are displayed.

✴A record of an assembly and a settlement decision shall be made and subsequently ratified.

✴An inventory record is made for the company.

✴An acceptance letter is requested for permission.

✴The decomposition certificate is made.

✴The company's liquidation is announced in at least two newspapers

After 45 days of the steps, the start of Phase 2, and it is as follows:

Phase 2:

✴Prepare a business letter by the company that there are no workers affiliated with the enterprise.

✴ To bring a paper of proof that there are no sponsored workers on the company, from the Ministry of Immigration.

✴liquidation decision

✴Issue permission and extract erasure certificate.

What are the advantages of HAM's company liquidation services in Dubai?

At HAM, as soon as we are appointed as Company Filters we will:

✴Ascertain the expiration month and inventory assets, identify liabilities, and obtain a detailed report from management. All liquidation work and its results are confirmed in a regular private registry.

✴ Selling the company’s assets and property, collecting its money from the debts of third parties, and selling the company’s assets and property in one deal or batches, through practice or by bidding, as required by the company's interest.

✴ Paying the company’s debts and obligations towards third parties, taking into account the priorities specified in the law

✴To complete all the projects finished before the liquidation, unless these new projects are necessary to finish any previous going project.

✴Representing the company in all litigation related to liquidation as a company agent.

✴Identify and repay partners' rights and provide a detailed account sheet containing all liquidation procedures and their results.

why should you seek a company if you are liquidating your company ?

  • The procedures for liquidating companies are long and exhausted, so resorting to a specialized company may be a sound decision to save time and effort.
  • Getting acquainted with legal matters and administrative steps accurately may be difficult as the companies involved in providing this service have an integrated work team of accountants and legal professionals, which ensures the speed and accuracy of procedures required in company liquidation.

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