What's the difference between the feasibility study and the business plan?

The feasibility study is very similar to the business plan, but the meaning is not the same. The feasibility study is being conducted to determine whether the employer will undertake the project or whether it will not be physically feasible. At the same time, the business plan sets out the strategy on which the company will be based. In short, the feasibility analysis tells you whether or not to start the project, while the business plan tells you how the project itself works.

Why might your company need a business plan?

  • Contribute to directing your project to success.
  • The action plan will identify the essential milestones in your project so that you will have an overview of the project as a whole.
  • You can go into partnerships through business plans, as business plans will make partners feel confident and secure in joining alliances with you.
  • Work plans are tailored according to your budget and project needs, so you can shape them as you see fit.

Why to choose HAM to do your business plan?

  • The HAM team has established 10-year of experience managing corporate finance and management.
  • · HAM is entirely transparent when dealing with its clients. You will not be surprised by hidden fees and will not be fooled by ads for fake amounts.
  • · HAM has extensive experience dealing with the most prestigious and massive entities, including governmental institutions.

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