Accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai

The bookkeeping service is the service for the day-to-day recording and control of all financial transactions. In other words, it’s the mechanism by which all purchases, sales, and registered entries. This registration helps facilitate the subsequent processing of financial reports.

The importance of holding accounting books lies in:

  1. Liberating management from administrative and management functions.
  2. Enabling them to focus at a higher level in financial decision-making.
  3. To keep confidential financial information away from internal staff.

What's HAM doing with accounting book services?

HAM provides an integrated set of automated accounting consulting and bookkeeping services for companies in the United Arab Emirates, including:

✴Prepare a complete set of accounts monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

✴Preparation of annual reports.

✴Design and preparation of financial reports for the department.

✴Reconciliation of bank and other accounts.

Why is HAM one of the most powerful companies in providing accounting bookkeeping services?

✴ HAM has a team with more than 10 years of experience.

✴Ensuring the privacy of all company papers, which made HAM a trusted company of the largest entities and enterprises in Dubai

✴The HAM Team is an integrated team that provides many services related to auditing, accounting consulting, and other financial aspects.

Why do you need a bookkeeping firm?

All businesses of all sizes, big or small, need an accounting bookkeeping service. Some of them hire a specialist, and others hire a specialized company. Your company also needs this service for the following reasons:

✴ It frees the administration from administrative and organizational tasks.

✴ Enable them to focus on a higher level in making financial decisions.

✴ Keep confidential financial information away from internal employees.

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