Company for Auditing and Business setup in Dubai

With 18 years of experience in business consulting, business setup, and accounting auditing, Mr. Hussain Ahmed established his own company in 2006 on solid bases based on expertise, transparency, and excellent quality. He chose the prominent Emirate of Dubai in the world of business and investment to be his headquarters. The company expanded to include more than one headquarters within the Emirate of Dubai itself in the areas of Al-Deira and Al-Bershah.

HAM targets entrepreneurs and investors to build business partnerships with them for years. Contrary to what you might expect, HAM has targeted those groups who are in the Emirate of Dubai or the United Arab Emirates and helps those from the various Arab States who wish to expand their business or establish their companies in Dubai.

HAM also provides its accounting and management services to several major clients and institutions in the Emirate of Dubai. That is being accomplished by an experienced, credible, and quick-working working group. By offering solutions that make it easier for clients to get their jobs done professionally and smoothly, HAM earned it as one of the best audit firms in Dubai.

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Our Vision

Develop and implement methods consistent with the highest ethical standards of management accounting. This is done by providing accurate, reliable, available, and fast management accounting services and using the advanced technology and specialized knowledge of the Task Force to provide clients with high values and excellent quality.

Our mission

Our job is to study your work through our specialized teams of trained professionals providing responsive personal services to enhance your long-term success and development.

Our values

HAM fully embraces and adheres to these values:





Professionalism and accuracy

Cooperation and integration as a single task force

The industries which we work with:




Food and beverages.




Hotels and hospitality.

Real estate.






Our Team:

HAM’s team consists of legal accountants (auditors), trained advisers in various aspects, with an international mindset and a commitment to provide high-quality service to senior international and local clients. With their experience spanning many years, HAM’s team recognizes the customer experience and makes it smoother and more accurate. HAM uses its staff of experts and technicians with the necessary knowledge and expertise to fill their positions efficiently and handle the requirements of each client with dedicated professionalism.

MR. Hussein Ahmad

(Owner and CEO)

Mr. Khaled Gaweesh

Consulting department manager

Ms. Sham Al Jombaz

Marketing Manger 

Mr. Mohamad Samir

Audit Manager

Mr. Mahmoud Al-Khawaja

Financial audit

Ms. Anne Michele

Executive Secretary

Mr. Mustafa Abdel Hamid

Business Consulting Operations Executive